The Home of Flipstart Thinking

Are you ready for a Life Less Ordinary?

Flipstart (verb)

to gain an unexpected boost in momentum by turning an idea or thought to a new or unconventional perspective;

to gain an unfair advantage by thinking differently to the norm

Boost your performance

Reduce wasted effort. Find the things that really matter and make a difference, and doing them in the most effective way possible.

Enrich your relationships

Relationships that grow you not slow you.

Share the experience of life with those you love, trust and care about.

Build your Resilience

Having the inner strength, flexibility and courage to deal with the hurdles that come our way. Not just surviving but thriving

Make an impact

Be a person of influence to those around you. Be the one people look to for inspiration, encouragement and guidance.

Design your own Extraordinary Life

It's the invisible force that shapes our world.

Our thinking determines how we see and interpret the world, how we see problems or find solutions – it decides how we feel and how we respond to others and the world around us.

It determines every part of our life and yet it happens mostly subconsciously, invisibly.

Our patterns of thought and beliefs have been programmed in our thinking since we arrived, through our parents and their beliefs, through our friends and experiences, and through society itself determining what is acceptable or not.

One of the great things about being human

is our ability for self awareness

We can actually think about our thinking, making the invisible visible, and then purposefully

decide what we want to

accept or change.

With the right thinking we can design and

create our own Extraordinary Life.

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