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Dave Acraman

About Me

Over a period of time that I am too embarrassed to state, I've had the awesome opportunity rub shoulders with people from all walks of life.


I've had a bunch of different roles, positions and titles - the most rewarding and challenging however being the father of 5 now adult children.


I've worked in the corporate world for the last 20+ years in Project and Change Management, but my passion is in coaching - encouraging and developing people to recognise their potential, overcome blockers, and impact their world.


My belief is that we can change our lives and our impact by how we think.


So often we go with the flow, accept tradition or social norms, or just react to what's going on.  Let's face it - actual thinking is hard work. 


What I find personally most rewarding in all of these times is reaching the moment when the breakthrough of an idea or solution is found, the moment when something believed impossible is now seen as possible or the time when a personal or group insight is reached. 


I've learned that even small shifts in thinking or belief can produce fantastic results.


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