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Brain Bites is fantastic way of powering up your team over lunch.  

It’s more than just a lunch break - it’s a brain "flipstart" which is guaranteed to provide a mental boost to your staff or team and increase productivity and effectiveness.

Over a 25 minute lunchtime session, your staff are entertained and empowered with insights about brain behaviour and practical techniques they can use that very day to become personally more effective, happy and motivated in your workplace. 

Brain Bites are available either as a one-off hit or a short themed series of three over whatever period of time works for you. (See a sample menu below.)

Make a difference!

Brain Bites also offers the fantastic opportunity to pay it forward and make a difference to another team or company by sponsoring their very own Brain Bites session.  See more

Lunchtime Brain Bites

Empowering your team - while you eat

Sample Menu

Session A: How are you today? 

Understanding the importance of your frame of mind, and how some "states" are more productive than others.  


We'll look at how to tell when you are not at your best and how to quickly flip back into a productive headspace when the need calls for it.

Session B: Is it all an illusion?

We all like to think we are the ones well informed - but what if that wasn't the case?  What if everything we thought we knew was wrong to begin with?  


This session looks at the common cognitive biases that affects us all and the impacts that this has on our workplace, our relationships and how we feel and cope with things.

Session C: Resilience

How do you get to the end of 2018 with the same energy, enthusiasm and zest that you entered it with - regardless of what happens during the year?


Resilience being the ability to not only survive, but thrive under pressure; to not just bounce back but bounce forward from set backs, and build flexibility for yourself and others to deal with everyday life. 

Attendees are invited to complete a short before and after survey so results and effect are measured, and it's a fantastic opportunity to provide input into your team.

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