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About Us 

Over a period of time that I am too embarrassed to state, I've had the awesome opportunity to coach, mentor, manage, facilitate and lead teams and people from all walks of life. I've had a bunch of different roles, positions and titles - the most rewarding and challenging being the father of 5 adult children. 


I've had the privilege to work with corporates, non-profits, executives, unemployed, musicians, tradies and school boards, and the list keeps growing.


What I find personally most rewarding in all of these times is reaching the moment when the breakthrough of an idea or solution is found, the moment when something believed impossible is now seen as possible or the time when a personal or group insight is reached. 

There are a few key themes which seem to reoccur no matter the situation

  • have a clear picture of what you want and why

  • really know who you are and what you are actually capable of

  • recognise and create the environment where you can create magic

  • understand that there is ALWAYS a different way of thinking about something

  • the importance of relationships 

I've learned that even small shifts in thinking or belief can produce fantastic results.  I've also learned the effectiveness of humour in producing an environment where insights can flourish.

About Thinking is about disrupting traditional norms, flipstarting thinking, and bringing insights to the masses; about boosting resilience, creativity and productivity through a change in our mental program and how we view ourselves and others.  

How we work

We operate in a pay it forward model.  If you find a session or material useful we invite you to 'sponsor' another entity to receive this as well.  This not only spreads the word, but also builds our collective relationship network.   

We are proud supporters of the charity Cure Kids 

Get in touch to see how we might help you.

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