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About Thinking is about flip-starting your thought process to create the life you want.  


Maybe its a better job, relationship, skill or just general well being and resilience, it all starts with how we think.




  1. on the subject of; concerning.

  2. on every side; in every direction; around:


Have you flipstarted today?

How are you thinking today?

"I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed" 

"I'd like to build RESILIENCE and worry less about things"

"I'm facing a challenge"

"I need CONFIDENCE to know I'm actually doing the right thing"

"I have a decision to make"

"I want to make sure I'm THINKING CRITICALLY to get the best decision"

"I'm doing just great thanks"

"...although I admit I am in a bit of a rut.  Be nice if I could MOVE FORWARDS"

How are you thinking today
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Services and Resources

We call it a thinking FlipStart. The concept of turning something on its head to create a momentum that wouldn't otherwise be there.


Most of us have spent our lives in set thinking patterns, built from our environment and society.  Recognising the limitations with the current thinking patterns, we can help redefine your reality and start performing to your full potential. 


We offer services and resources to help individuals and teams perform at their best. Our materials are continually developing and evolving to keep pace with current research in neuroscience, positive psychology and general health and wellness, and also to stay relevant and effective to our audiences.

We're continually challenging ourselves to think differently and approach things differently and as a result have had great successes in small and large businesses, teams and individuals.  

Topics include:

  • Strength Building (leveraging your strengths to excel)

  • Critical Thinking

  • Creative problem solving

Other services

  • Keynote or MC

  • Facilitation 

  • Training


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