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Welcome to About Thinking.

I'm Dave, Life Coach & Learning facilitator and I'd love to help support you on your journey to improve the quality of your personal and/or business life, become generally more effective and also become a positive influence of those around you. 

Our intent is to give you a different perspective, change the way you think and unlock insights so you can build resilience and balance, and be the best version of yourself that you can.

"When our perspective on things change, things can appear to change"

I've had the privilege to work with corporates, non-profits, executives, unemployed, musicians, tradies and school boards, and discovered some remarkable similarities between them all.


There are a few key themes which seem to reoccur no matter the situation

  • have a clear picture of what you want and why (be clear on your objectives)

  • really know who you are and what you are actually capable of (your true identity)

  • recognise and create the environment where you can create magic

  • understand that there is ALWAYS a different way of thinking about something

  • the importance of relationships 

We focus on 3 main pillars. 

Back Massage


How do we break out of the 'normal' routine or the feeling of just 'spinning our wheels'

Do the things that actually matter. Have new ideas, make an impact and a difference.

Free yourself from the expectations and judgement of others. Unleash your creativity and banish fear of failure forever.


Welcome to the paradox of relationships - the most rewarding and frustrating part of life. 

More than just playing nicely with others, its creating connection where we encourage and support and feel safe enough to challenge each other.

We are made for community - it is one of the secrets of a long and happy life.  


Going the distance. Improve your ability to handle whatever life has to throw at you.

Discover your true identity with the strength and capability that is within you. You are already more than enough

Our Approach

Creative thinking, lateral thinking or just thinking outside the box - it's the concept of turning something on its head - getting a new perspective - to create an insight or momentum that wouldn't otherwise be there.

We're inspired by:

  • the field of Positive Psychology - how do we become the high performing outliers, not just the average

  • creating insights and learning moments that are immediately actionable, shareable and memorable

  • finding new ways to give new perspectives

  • the discipline of Project Management and turning Problems into Projects


We're about disrupting traditional norms, flipstarting thinking, and bringing insights in easy to digest forms; about boosting resilience, creativity and productivity through a change in our mental program, our beliefs and how we view ourselves and others. 

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