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Ready for School

It's training - but not as you know it.   

Insight Experience is as its name suggests - an experience!


Delivered in a creative, interactive and original way, it gives tools that can be used immediately and provides an experience that will be remembered.  

Unlike traditional training where a general skill or process is the main focus, Insight Experiences facilitates the participant gaining insights into their own thinking, beliefs and behaviour, and how to leverage and work with this to be their personal best.

From our lunch time "Brain Bites" through to our advanced programs our delivery is customised for you to give you the best result.

Some examples are below. 

Insight Experiences


Being a 'SUPER' (Resilience)

Available in Brain Bites or Custom Session  

The 21st century living and working environments are excellent sources for stress and anxiety. Discover the secrets of resilience, surviving and thriving both at work and at home.


This series covers practical and memorable techniques which develop and build resilience.

Some of the content includes:

  • your secret (but real) identity (understanding your own unique abilities)

  • better than bullet proof (recognising and becoming immune to the stress)

  • performing like a 'super' (boosting your own effectiveness)

Beyond facilitation

Professional Series (In-house or public course) Duration 1 day

Usually associated with meetings or workshops, this session demonstrates that facilitation starts well before the first conversation, let alone meeting.

Being able to draw out the best from yourself and others is what this session is about.

Areas include:

  • managing state of mind for productivity

  • significance of priming and framing

  • common cognitive biases

  • critical and structured thinking techniques

  • questioning for understanding

This experience will also give you the tools necessary to be able facilitate ANY situation with confidence and understanding

  • the 3 essentials for influence and control

  • the 5 keys for common understanding 

In this experience participants become part of the live demonstration.

Beyond facilitation

The feedback on feedback

Professional Series (In house) Duration 0.5 to 1 day

Feedback is an essential part of developing and being part of your own success story. Described as the 'food of champions' you will learn how to use and recognise good feedback as an important ally.

Some of the content will include

  • the rules around giving and receiving feedback

  • why you don't want to hear "Good job!" or "Well done!"

  • the devil wears Prada - the disguises that feedback wears

  • having courageous conversations 

With practical examples you can use straight away, this training provides participants with a a language to excel, and is particularly suitable for anyone who interacts with other humans.

The art of independent

The Art of Independent Thinking (incl. Critical Thinking)

Professional series (In house or public course) Duration 1 day (or 2 x 0.5 d)


We CAN think for ourselves - but do we?

We like to believe we are good at 'thinking' - but could we be better?

Things that influence us, our thinking and decisions are everywhere - from the music played in malls to whether or not a person is smiling at us, our thinking abilities and our opinions are influenced continually.  

This course shows how to think independently from outside influences by recognising what they are and how we are affected by them.  

This session includes

Out of the box thinking

- What is this 'box' and where did it come from?


Our thoughts are not always our own

- Identifying and recognising what influences the way we see and react to the world

- States of mind

- Cognitive biases


Getting (and giving) the complete picture

- Specificity for clarity

- Ninja question


Fun with Filters

- What is actually relevant

- The role of emotion


Critical Toolkit

- Tools and techniques for investigation and analysis

Gain tools and skills on specific thinking techniques and create a team and environment that:

  • speaks a common language

  • can question and be questioned without offence

  • openly seeks out feedback

  • are influencial and independent thinkers 

  • able to induce critical thinking in others

Get in touch to discuss how we may be able to help you achieve the best from yourself and your teams

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