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Our Insight Services help promote and support mental performance and effectiveness, giving tangible results to individuals and teams.

Brain bites


Brain bites is fantastic way of powering up your staff over lunch.  

More than a lunch break - it’s a brain flipstart guaranteed to boost the effectiveness of your staff.



Get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t; understand what things makes you great, and the environment that you need to thrive in.

Available for individuals and teams, coaching is the best way to bring out your inner expert.

Insight Experiences


It's training like you've never seen it, and the results are guaranteed!

Build confidence, resilience and gain effectiveness and efficiency.  

We provide customised thought leading training to bring the best out of your teams and individuals.  

Speaking / Keynote


Kick your event off with some thought provoking motivation.

Topics are tailored specifically to your audience and event, and will definitely challenge and inspire.



  1. to create movement or motion as a result of an unexpected change in sequence,   

  2. a completely new approach which creates unexpected momentum or results 

You've heard the saying - "if you want to stop getting what you're getting, stop doing what you're doing!" - but it's often way easier said than done! 


How we act and what we do is determined firstly by how we think,  so if we want to change the 'doing' we need to first change the 'thinking'.

About Thinking is about flipstarting thinking, to give insights and alternatives to current thinking and ultimately bring out your best, make a difference, change actions and get new results.  

Maybe it's a better job, relationship, skill or just general well being and resilience, it all starts with how we think.

We provide a variety of insights and experiences to help support you on your journey.  

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