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How it works.

Sponsoring Brain Bites is as easy as recommending a good movie to a friend.

You simply nominate a company and contact, and make any donation or pledge to Cure Kids, and we’ll take it from there.

Your nominated company will receive a tailored Brain Bites series and they will have you to thank for it.

What we do 

We provide an introduction email which can be sent by either yourself or us.  This provides information on Brain Bites, Cure Kids and acknowledgement of the generosity of the sponsor (you) in making this possible.


What you do

There’s nothing more that you need to do. If you like you can check in with your sponsored company once Brain Bites is completed (we’ll let you know when it’s done), make sure you are both happy and perhaps think of someone else who might benefit from Brain Bites.

Pay it forward with Brain Bites

Make a difference with clients and teams; build and strengthen relationships; support Cure Kids; be awesome!

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