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This IS a sign. But I am the one who is mad.

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

I drive past this guy most days. He’s consistently there day in and day out, displaying a selection of messages which on the odd occassion have even been known to make sense or even appear genius.

Some days I don’t even notice him, other days I might give a toot or wave, and other times it’s indifference or even intolerance where the thought ’this guy is such an idiot’ goes through my head.

This guy however is incredibly consistent. Day in and day out he’s there, all year around - rain or shine, literally year after year he is there - and always the same - so if I am honest, the only thing that can really be changing is me and my state of mind for that day.

For me, seeing this guy is a great indicator for how my mindset is starting off for the day. Am I on my mental ’A’ game today - or is there something off? Is this going to be my best day for strategy, for decisions, relationships?

Noticing and paying attention to how we are gives us the opportunity to adjust and compensate. The good news is that just because we start the day a particular way, doesn’t mean it has to continue that way. It can be as simply as a walk, change of topic, snack, or change of your location at home or in the office.

It all starts with awareness and having some way of noticing or an indicator of how you are. So what do you think? Is this guy an idiot?

#State #Framing

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