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No COVID-19!! You can't take this from me!

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The more desperate the situation, the greater the relief and elation when a solution is found - especially if that solution has taken a lot of effort and time to formulate.

When we experience this great relief its really easy to become invested or biased toward the solution and rather than scrutinising or continuing the search for other options, that energy is spent defending the solution to ourselves and any others who may question it.

Do this at your own peril (he says from first hand experience)

In the current COVID-19 we are facing a desperate situation like no other. We have to find good solutions quickly. Solutions which attend to the current crisis but also position us for recovery and the future. It’s essential now more than ever to put our best thinking forward and make sure we are thinking critically and soundly.

To avoid jumping into a potentially sub-par situation here’s 5 areas to question and examine to test how sound the solution might be.

  • If we weren’t in the current situation - would we be considering this solution as an option - and if not, is that reason still valid in the current environment?

  • Has other expertise or knowledge been applied or am I relying on one source of opinion?

  • What are the facts and assumptions that this is based on and are these correct?

  • What are some of the reasons why this won’t work/ why this is a bad choice? Do I understand the collateral damage and its impacts?

  • Timeframe - does this solution cater for the here and now, and also the future?

Keep thinking!

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