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Not Project Management Training

The discipline of Project Management offers a fantastic structure to be able to tackle any task.  

However, you don't need to know it all to be able to turn your problems into projects and make significant and measurable progress.

The 'Not Project Management Training' will take your real life examples and show you what you actually need to know to lead the projects successfully... and without being a tyrant or boring!

Business Team

Other Services

Here's some of the other services and resources to help you and/or your teams perform at your best.


Our materials are continually developing and evolving to stay relevant and keep pace with current research in neuroscience, positive psychology and general health and wellness.


Get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t; understand what things makes you great, and the environment that you need to thrive in.

Available for individuals and teams, coaching is the best way to bring out your inner expert.

Brain bites

Brain bites is fantastic way of powering up your staff over lunch.  

More than a lunch break - it’s a brain flipstart guaranteed to boost the effectiveness of your staff.

Insight Experiences

It's training like you've never seen it, and the results are guaranteed!

Build confidence, resilience and gain effectiveness and efficiency.  

We provide customised thought leading training to bring the best out of your teams and individuals.

We're always trying to challenge ourselves to think and approach things different and as a result have had great successes in small and large businesses, teams and individuals. If you have ideas or suggestions we'd value your contribution.

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